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Group Play

When you see a group of people all looking at their smart phones, don't they seem disconnected from the rest of the world? Smart phones can really isolate people in social situations, but with Group Play it doesn't have to be this way. With Group Play, you can do more than just share photos and music. You can connect your devices to play games together in real time. The new screen merge feature adds another layer to an already innovative gaming experience. (You can play by yourself, but why would you?)

Play games on separate or combined screens
This feature has never been attempted before by anyone. Group Play allows you to combine screens to form a larger screen or view the game from different perspectives. This is pretty cool because it allows game developers to create unique apps and games with never-before-seen features and new gaming experiences. Again, this is only available with Group Play.
Play anywhere with Group Play
There are lots of fun Group Play games available for download. See who can catch rabbits running on the screen fastest. Use teamwork to move an ice cube from start to finish by each tilting your smart phones. Use Group Play at work with your friends or even use it for drinking games. It's up to you!
Host your own games with Group Play
Hosting games for your friends is easy with Group Play. Once you launch the app, players can either create a group or join an existing one. You don't even need an internet connection to enjoy Group Play. Group Play uses Mobile Hotspots so that everyone can connect, even without an internet connection.

The images of devices shown on the introduction page may be different for each country.
Group Play is supported by Android 4.3 or above. Group Play is also available in 197 countries in 57 different languages, so everyone can enjoy Group Play games no matter where they're from.