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Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile lets you minimize the possibility of your personal information becoming public using the 'Lock my mobile' and 'Wipe my mobile' functions when you lose your mobile. In addition, you can find the location of your lost mobile using the 'Find my mobile' function.

Find My Mobile
”Where did I lose my mobile device?”
The "Find My Mobile" feature helps you find the current location of your lost mobile device.
Lock my mobile
Lock your device remotely from being used by others and minimize the threat of personal information theft. You can also set a message to display on the screen of your locked mobile device and set a number that can be dialed even when the device is locked.
Ring my mobile
The "Ring my mobile" feature rings the default bell of your mobile device at its maximum volume for 1 minute regardless of any bell or vibration settings. By ringing the bell, you can get the attention of people around your lost device and increase the chances of finding your mobile device.
Wipe my mobile
Use the "Wipe my mobile" feature to protect your information as a last resort. This feature wipes all data saved in internal memory, external memory, and the SIM card. It also deletes all data saved on your mobile device and resets the device to its factory settings.

*Find My Mobile is not available after wiping and resetting your device.

Register a guardian for you
Register a family member or friend as a guardian against an emergency. The guardian can activate Emergency mode on your device that can also be located if Emergency mode is activated.
Emergency mode to save battery power
You can use Emergency mode to save power consumption of your device for longer use. If the device that you have been registered as a guardian for must run longer, activate Emergency mode on that device. Emergency mode will reduce the screen brightness and disable most of apps and functionality on the target device, extending the battery life.

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The features described above may be slightly different depending on country, mobile provider or software version.