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Experience HD movies in the palm of your hands! Samsung Video offers premium movies and TV series from major Hollywood studios as well as local content. Enjoy the best in entertainment in the palm of your hands. Rent or buy the latest titles on Samsung Video today!

Enjoy watching your mobile contents on TV!
If you want to watch a movie stored on your phone on a TV, use Screen Mirroring. Using a Wi-Fi Direct connection, you can watch HD movies on the big screen while controlling playback with your mobile phone.
Instant accessibility for everyone
All the menus are clear at a glance and even those unfamiliar with smartphones can purchase and enjoy content easily. You can even start playing while the content is being downloaded. When your download is complete, the downloaded content can be played without a network connection.
Multiple device support for the optimum entertainment experience!
Samsung Video lets you download a video and share it across 5 devices. Once your video is purchased, you can easily download it onto 4 more devices that are registered with the same Samsung account.

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