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Samsung Wallet

Convenience & Personalisation

Samsung Wallet is a one-stop digital destination for your tickets, membership cards and vouchers.

Your wallet can be managed according to your interests and personal preferences.

Organised experience
You can organise your wallet into three categories:

tickets, membership cards and vouchers. You can also create personalised categories to better organise your items.

Flexible in a network environment
You can backup tickets and synchronise data with multiple devices. The service is accessible even when you are offline.
Relevant & Helpful
Receive real-time messages that give you time and place reminders. You can take full advantage of the service by setting reminders to match your personal needs and preferences.
Vouchers from local retailers
You can also find vouchers that can be used in nearby supermarkets. Vouchers for consumer goods are recommended to you based on your previous coupon activity, your zip code and information about your preferred retailers. Browse through our vouchers and clip them to your retailer membership cards.
New marketing opportunity for Business Partners
If you are a business owner or operator, wishing to integrate your service with the Samsung Wallet ticket service, you can visit our partners' website and get access to the necessary guidelines. For more details, visit or click here.
Our Partners
Samsung Wallet has partnered with some of the best operators in their respective industries to provide the best services to our users. We are always searching for great partners to cooperate with and to make the service better. If you are interested in collaborating with Samsung Wallet, please contact us at

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