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What if I want to view a movie stored on my PC? How can I manage scattered multiple content from one device? How can I view a photo I took from my TV screen? Anything is possible with Samsung Link.

Easy and convenient, Samsung Link
Start Samsung Link and sign in with your Samsung account! Register multiple devices including your PC, smart phone, tablet, TV, camera, HomeSync, BD-HDD and more in a few simple steps. Content stored in registered devices can be accessed wirelessly on any device. A simple UI layout allows anyone to easily navigate and use Samsung Link.
Gather scattered content together with Samsung Link
What should I do if photos I want to view, movies I want to watch, music I want to listen to, and documents I need are all stored in different devices? Simple! Start up Samsung Link. View and download content from any device you are currently using. Easily and conveniently manage all content stored from devices and storage services registered in Samsung Link, anytime and anywhere.
Bring together your precious memories with Samsung Link
Never worry about where to store your precious photos or videos anymore! There is no need to move around your photo and video files. Samsung Link’s Auto upload feature allows you to save photos and videos to devices or storage services as soon as they are taken. With a simple set up, you can easily and safely store your precious memories.
Larger and clearer viewing with Samsung SMART TV
Move away from small screens! Enjoy photos and videos taken from your smart phone and enjoy them with the whole family from the comfort of your Samsung SMART TV screen. Content from devices and storage services registered in Samsung Link can be enjoyed wirelessly from a large TV screen without the hassle of complex connections or cables. Samsung Link is the single solution to all your needs.
Unlimited space with storage service
Store more memories than ever! Samsung Link has partnerships with multiple storage services, promising more storage space than you could ever use. After registering with a partner storage service in Samsung Link, you can save files without worrying about space, time, or location and retrieve them anywhere, anytime using Samsung Link.

Storage services provided may vary depending on your region.