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S S Health

Your personal fitness tracker

Monitor your health consistently with the custom services offered by S Health. Log and check your exercise, food intake, and heart rate in real time to improve your lifestyle. Take a step towards better health with S Health!

S Health can help you become healthier and happier by helping you manage four basic areas of your life: Heart rate, Food, Exercise, and Sleep. Get up and start your day in a healthy way with S Health !

For easy reference, S Health automatically provides you with information about your exercise, such as the calories you have burned and the distance you have covered during your exercise (i.e., while walking, running, cycling, or hiking).
Feel your fitness level improve by using the pedometer and walking a little further every day. By checking the data provided by the pedometer every day, you will naturally pay more attention to how many steps you take. The more steps you take, the healthier you will become.
Heart rate
Follow your every heartbeat. You can check your heart rate at any time of the day and manage your health accordingly.
Food diary
The Food menu allows you to calculate the calories of food you have eaten, anytime, anywhere, so you can manage what you eat. You can also use the camera to keep a record of the food you will have and create your own tracking map.

The features of S Health as listed above may vary depending on your device.