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All-in-One Interactive Digital Magazine Service

Papergarden is an interactive digital magazine service
that offers a seamless user experience with top-brand magazine titles across a variety of categories. Enjoy an immersive viewing and reading experience with highly interactive high-resolution magazines that fit perfectly on your Samsung tablet screen.

Quick and Easy Access for All Magazines
All magazines offered by Papergarden can be found in a single library within a single store. We hope you will appreciate the simple, streamlined user experience whether you are browsing, purchasing, managing, or viewing your magazines.
Discover Your Favorite Top Brand Titles
Enjoy a variety of top brand interactive magazines from the most popular categories, including Fashion, Health, Sports, Lifestyle, and more
Perfect Fit-to-Screen and Best Color Expression
Papergarden's magazines are perfectly optimised to fit
the Samsung tablet screen. Enjoy high resolution images with the best colour expression on the tablet's AMOLED display.
Most Advanced Interactive Magazines on Android
Papergarden’s magazine content is highly interactive and includes video, audio, multimedia, and dynamic interactive features. Papergarden offers an enjoyable and immersive reading experience.

The device and service images shown may vary from country to country.