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Samsung Learning

Samsung Learning is a mobile learning service featuring a variety of interactive educational contents that are suitable for users of all ages.

Expand your horizons with countless courseware offerings!
There is something for everyone from toddlers to professionals. Samsung Learning features courses in many educational categories from a vast network of partners. Discover the most popular courses in the country as well as a unique selection of global content.
Personalized Learning Management System (LMS)
Pace yourself with the help of a dedicated learning assistant, the Samsung Learning LMS. Not only does Samsung Learning keep track of your learning schedules, but it also provides you with handy functions such as study notes, missed quiz questions to review; 1:1 Q&A with authors, and your study analysis.
Make the most of your mobile device
Samsung Learning provides optimized learning experience on your mobile device. Take notes while you watch lectures or answer questions. It also provides useful tools to make your learning experience more convenient.

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