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Samsung Apps is a marketplace that offers easy access to a variety of applications which are specially designed and carefully selected for your use on your Samsung smart device.

Making sure you get the best out of Samsung Apps
Samsung Apps collaborates closely with sellers to make sure that applications are compatible with and suitable for Samsung smart products. We perform strict and extensive verification checks to ensure that applications sold at Samsung Apps are optimised for each device.
Purchasing at Samsung Apps is easy

• Credit Card: You can purchase applications with your credit card.

• Mobile Phone Payment: You can complete a simple verification process to add the price of purchases to your mobile phone bill.

• Integrated gift card: You can use the integrated gift card to purchase Samsung Apps content at discounted prices.

※ You can use the integrated gift card for other Samsung services, including Samsung Apps.

• In App purchase: You can purchase Paid services or In-App Purchase items either with your credit card or via your phone bill.

Try before you buy with Samsung Apps
The Try & Play and Rent & Play features available on Samsung Apps, enable you to try out apps before purchase, or rent them for a certain period of time. If you explore the Selected by Samsung category you'll find our pick of the best applications for the latest Samsung mobile devices.

※ Try & Play and Rent & Play are only available on bada devices.

The images of devices shown on the introduction page may be different for each country.